Care services

The team of general practice Zainalabedin is committed to providing her patients with personal care. Both curative, preventive and palliative care.

We also have a wide network of medical specialists and paramedical care providers with whom we work together to provide tailor-made care. In practice, several disciplines are employed:

Family practices

You can contact your GP with all your psychological and physical complaints. So if you feel sick or sore, but also if you are not comfortable with your skin. Your GP will give you advice and prescribe medications, where necessary. If the GP cannot help you further, she may refer you. The GP also places injections in shoulder and knee, they assess heart films, they place spirals and perform minor surgical procedures.

Practice support


For the following items, please visit the Assistant's office. You can call the Assistant to schedule an appointment. Our assistants are competent and able to provide medical advice and carry out the following medical procedures:

  • blood pressure measurement;
  • ECG maken;
  • Injections (vitamins, vaccinations, medication);
  • Pap smear in need of population screening cervical cancer;
  • Remove sutures;
  • to spray ears;
  • Single-arm index (vascular examination);
  • Warts;
  • Urine tests;
  • -ugar/- Hb /BSE measurement;
  • Wound care;
  • MMSE memory test 

Practice supporter

The practice supporter is a specially trained employee in the general practice. It has extra time, knowledge and skill to accompany patients with diabetes, lung diseases and increased chances of getting heart disease. The actions of a practice supporter are supervised by the GP. 

Practice supporter GGZ

With psychological complaints you can contact our POH GGZ. She accompanies and treats you with various complaints including stress/ burnout /gloom and anxiety complaints. If necessary, it is referred to more specialised care.


In practice, we devote extra attention to vulnerable elderly people. For this we work together with homecare organisations and a specialist for elderly medicine. If the GP, yourself or a neighbor finds it necessary, you can be notified for screening. It will then look at what support is needed for you.