We try to perform our work in a professional way and think it is important that you as a patient can have confidence in us. 


If you have a positive experience you would like to share with us, we would love to hear that! This can be by using the form. 


If you do not feel good after contact with our practice, we would like to know it as soon as possible so that we can discuss it with you. You can discuss this in person preferably with the relevant employee where the complaint is about, but if you find that difficult, you may also do so with another employee.

You can also get a complaint form on the practice and fill it out. After submitting your complaint, our internal complaints officer will contact you within 4 weeks to discuss the complaint with you and to see if she can come out with you (and any healthcare provider concerned). Our practice is Affiliated to the Stichting Complaints & Litigation Primary Care (SKGE). This is a legal obligation since 1 January 2017.

This means that if we do not come together with you, we can be assisted by an independent complaints officer of the SKGE for mediation. The national dispute Settlement body of the SKGE is only Angle if, even after mediation of an independent complaints officer, we would not come out with each other. This committee makes a decision binding on both sides.