If you would like to talk about questions that live with you around the end of life or a non-resuscitation, do not breathe a declaration into your dossier, we invite you to make an appointment with us.

A lot of information on this topic can be found at Here you will find practical information about what you can do and how to record. It is important that we as family doctors are aware of your wishes.


It is important that you know if your health care provider reimburses the care you need. Your GP does not know exactly how you are insured, but it is important that you are well informed. 

Your visit to the GP and your own risk

Your health care provider always reimburses your visit to the GP. GP care is in the basic package. There is no excess. If the GP prescribes medication or you refer, you will almost always be dealing with your own risk. This means that you pay the costs yourself to the maximum of your own risk. The amount above The maximum deductible is therefore reimbursed by your Health insurance. 

What is at your own risk?

The services of the GP are covered by the basic package and are therefore reimbursed by your health insurer. However, there may be costs associated with the medicine that the GP prescribes or the treatment that he/she refers to. This concern is not always in the basic package. You may have to pay (at-) for: 

  • The medications that the GP prescribes you
  • The treatment by a medical specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist or other health care provider where the GP refers you to 
-Laboratory tests (blood tests, urine growing, STI tests etc.) or RöNtgenonderzoek that the GP prescribes you
  • A driver's license approval to be made

Check your policy! Or costs above the excess wèlNot òf Partially reimbursed depends on your health care policy. If the GP refers you to a medical specialist or other healthcare provider, check your policy on two important matters: 

  • Do you have additional insurance in addition to your basic insurance? If so, what costs does this supplementary insurance cover and what should you pay for yourself?
  • Does your health insurer have a contract with the hospital or the health care provider to which the GP refers? 

If not, you may have to pay for it.