Medical certificate and Inspections

Your GP may not, at the request of a third party (e.g. employer, school, insurance or municipality), make any representations about your health status, treatment or consultation.

If you still need such a medical certificate, you should contact an independent physician. In principle, this should be regulated by the applicant body. Also for medical examinations (driving licence, insurance) you should turn to an independent doctor. Only after your written consent, we give any necessary information to the approved physician. Are you going to change your GP? Then read This brochure. 

Why is this?

The GP has a special treatment relationship with his/her patients. In addition, the GP is often unaware of the criteria under which a provision is or is not granted. Therefore, he/she can never be expected to judge the right to a provision. 
The GP may transfer objective medical data for such assessment. However, this may only be made with the written consent of the patient, clearly indicating the information to whom and for what purpose may be provided. This procedure is laid down by law. For driver's license approvals please contact CBR or Preferences at 75 + age, see the website of the ANBO.